Individual Piano Lessons

A Great Musical Foundation

The study of the piano can be the best introduction to music lessons for a child. Since creating different pitches is not an issue, students can fully concentrate on the basics of music (note-reading, rhythm, theory, and musicianship). Note-reading for piano teaches both treble and bass clefs and thus prepares a student to make an easy transition to a different instrument if they choose at a later time.


Piano students will enjoy playing duets with other students and eventually may participate in chamber music ensembles with various other instruments. Families should have a piano (or a keyboard with 88 keys and weighted action) at home before lessons begin. Pianos at home should be tuned twice a year. Our piano lessons are available for all ages, from children to adult.

String Instrument Lessons

Fun and Challenging

Students who choose the violin, viola, cello, and double bass lessons are prepared for a variety of future options. Lessons focus on the technique of the instrument, note-reading, and ear-training to develop an accurate sense of pitch.

There is a large repertoire of solo material for these instruments, but students may also elect to play in orchestras in their schools, in the local youth orchestras, and in chamber music ensembles.


String instruments are available in many sizes and should be chosen carefully to suit the size of the student. Our goal as educators is to spur our students’ curiosity and allow them to learn at their own pace. Get in touch with us to learn more about our string instrument lessons and to schedule your first lesson for free.

Individual Guitar Lessons

An Exceptional Learning Experience

The classical guitar is a popular choice for many teens and adults as well. Beginning students learn a repertoire arranged from familiar tunes and folk songs and often play guitar duets with their instructor. For intermediate and advanced students, there is a wonderful variety of solo repertoire, much of which has a Spanish flavor.


As with other stringed instruments, several sizes of guitars are available and should be carefully chosen to fit the student. Contact us today to learn how to begin individual guitar lessons.

Wind Instrument Lessons

Toot Your Own Horn!

Students who study wind instruments (flute, clarinet, and saxophone) have many options for performance and sharing their music with others. In addition to individual music lessons for solo playing, these students may have opportunities to join orchestras, bands, wind ensembles, chamber groups, or jazz bands when they have basic wind instrument lessons. Curved-end flutes can be rented for small-sized students before they can accommodate a regular transverse flute as they grow taller.

Vocal Lessons

Raise Your Voice

Singing can be a powerful outlet for self-expression both for children and adults. Voice students, 12 years and older, learn the technique of breathing, voice placement, and tone production by first studying simple songs in English. They may then progress to Italian Art Songs to improve their diction. By learning the proper methods of singing in our musical voice lessons, these students may sing in musicals or operettas without damage to their vocal cords.


Singing isn’t just valuable for the fun and expression it offers. Like all of our individual music lessons, it serves to develop a wide range of practical skills that students carry with them throughout their lives. Embracing the discipline and dedication necessary to master their voices makes our learners more prepared to apply a similar commitment to school, work, and other hobbies--all while providing a sense of accomplishment and confidence that ensures a satisfying experience.


Contact us to schedule a lesson of your choice today. We proudly serve Westport, CT, and the surrounding areas.

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