Tuition for Our High-Quality Music Lessons in Westport, CT

When registering for our high-quality music lessons in Westport, CT, students will be enrolled for our full school year of 33 lessons. Classes start in September and run weekly. There is a registration agreement that each student must complete as well as a $50 registration fee to secure their spot in the program. If you have more than one child enrolling in our program, then the fee is only $25 for the second student and is free for each additional student enrolling. Returning students to our program have the option to register as early as June, to guarantee their spot for the next school year.

Paying For Your Lessons


When you or your child enrolls in our high-quality music lessons, you will be reserving the time of the instructor each week for the 33 lessons. That is why you are obligated to pay for the entire year of lessons, whether you complete each class or not. When paying the tuition, we offer three payment options from which to choose:

  • Paying the Full Tuition upon Enrollment

  • Paying the First Half at Enrollment and the Second Half in January

  • Paying in Ten Equal Installments from September to June


Additionally, with our adult music lessons, we offer even more flexibility. If you do not think you can commit to weekly lessons, you can choose to take on half as many allowing you more freedom in your scheduling. Contact us to learn more about our payment options for your tuition and to register in one of our music programs.

In the event of seriously overdue accounts, lessons may be suspended until payment is made. No deductions from fees will be made for absences or withdrawal during the year. However, if the student moves away from our teaching area, the client will be released from further tuition.


If you have additional questions about registration and tuition, the Director will be happy to speak with you. Please call (203) 227-4931 or email the director at

Tuition payments may be made through Paypal (below) or by check to:

The Westport School of Music
18 Woods Grove
Westport, CT 06880

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