Embrace the Benefits of Music Therapy in Westport, CT

There is no spoken language that is universal, but music fills the void in a way that words can’t. It touches the heart and mind of all who experience it and opens them to its uplifting power. This benefit is not limited to experienced performers or composers. It’s a gift given to all.

Music is an artistic self-expression requiring little translation. It has been proven to dramatically improve mood while organizing the brain, coordinating movement, and entertaining the mind. It is part of the human condition and we revel in it at Westport School of Music.

MusicWorks!, our school's music therapy in Westport, CT, is designed to foster positive adaptive function and behavior. This unique treatment combines expert music skills with psychology, physiology, developmental theories of growth and learning, play, speech pathology, and movement to serve all populations, ages, and needs.

A Program Tailored to the Individual

Our programs are multi-faceted and meet the requirements of the individual. They include many elements that help broaden the horizons of the participant by being very wide-ranging and touching upon features that make music the all-encompassing joy that it is. When you register for music therapy sessions it opens doors that may have been previously closed.


MusicWorks! sessions employ a variety of structured and improvised musical activities including singing, instrument playing, rhythm and movement, song-writing, listening, imaging, and relaxation techniques, to meet individual needs in a goal-oriented manner. Activities are specifically designed for cognitive, emotional, psychological, physical and social concerns.

An Outlet for Expression


If music is within someone, and we believe that it’s in everyone, then letting it out and sharing is a natural step. It brings an individual pure enjoyment and bliss to explore their innate musical abilities and create with them. One way anyone can reach this goal is by taking vocal lessons. It’s very welcoming and friendly for all as it doesn’t require any instruments or special equipment.

Whatever form of musical expression and enjoyment is the best for you, we can help you find it here at MusicWorks! or one of our other avenues of growth through the power of music.


Contact us for more information about MusicWorks! or to register for music therapy sessions. We are proud to serve music students of all ages and abilities in Westport, CT, and the surrounding area.

From Parents:

"My daughter has been participating in MusicWorks! for several years.  The School is a safe place with excellent (and patient) teachers where my daughter can explore her love of music. She has been studying piano with Patty and looks forward to her lessons, practicing daily both to cement what she has learned and to impress her teacher. I often sit in on the lessons and am amazed to hear my daughter, who has suffered with pervasive disabilities since birth, speak and play the language of music that the Music School and it's excellent staff have taught her. Each time a new registration period comes around, I ask my daughter if she wants to continue. Each time I get a resounding "Yes, mom!  Patty will be lonely if I don't go!"      Carmella


“My nine-year-old daughter has a processing disorder – both visually and auditorily. She has trouble with spatial orientation (left-right) and linking her body movements with her brain.  Her Musicworks! sessions allow her to work on her fine motor skills, and to link her brain to her eyes and ears all in a fun way.  My daughter loves music and when her therapist does drum beat activities with her, that helps her listen and react to her listening.  Then, she is able to complete multi-step activities in sequence.  She is able to express her creative self while strengthening her body and mind through the music”.     Annie

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